woensdag 26 april 2017

Weekly Pele Report - Astrology for the Soul, April 26, 2017

"Shadow Shadow Shadow Free Free Free! Remember Hide and Go Seek when you would count to ten and give everybody a chance to hide? Well, all your shadows are hidden..... time to go get 'em! Mercury/Eris/Uranus with Mars in Gemini coming to oppose Lilith in Sag? With the "Lord of Karma" on the Galactic Center? Are you handling this???? What I'm thinking of now after doing the report is that those little cockroaches could be little pieces of your truth that are afraid and are running to hide.... don't just terminate them, catch them and set them free HaHa!

But the analogy holds true in that this is a karmic time of reaping what we have sown and if we have sown a bunch of deception (self and other), consciously or not, guess what? It's gonna come back to bite us! And people are gettin' bit right now. And, I hate to use past lives as a scapegoat, but if you are getting bit bad and you can't figure it out after spilling your gut of truth, it may be some far distant past BS needing to come out. It may also be in your genetic stream as "the sins of the fathers will be visited upon the sons" or something like that. Often, the 3rd generation if you want to go hunting!

On another note, let's take joy in knowing that Venus has completed her conference with Chiron and Saturn and is moving on to start a new life. Also, that Mercury only has another couple weeks conferring with Eris and Uranus before he is done and back in Taurus. Lastly, that we have a new Moon and my feeling is that by this month's full Moon, many shall be illuminated! Let's go for it!

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  1. Hele mooie mantra! Volgensmij is je website iets veranderd, klopt dat? Die boeken lijken anders!

  2. Klopt ja, ik heb de kopfoto veranderd idd.
    Het Pele report van deze week is bijzonder omdat het over het einde en een nieuw begin gaat. 😉 🙏