maandag 19 juni 2017

Food: Weapons of mass destruction

Hier een video van Ben Davidson die ik even wilde delen omdat het over ons voedsel gaat en wat overheid en bedrijven er tegenwoordig mee doen. Het gaat over het steeds minder worden van mineralen en vitamine in ons voedsel waardoor ons lichaam teveel koolhydraten binnen krijgt met als gevolg dat we allemaal steeds dikker en dikker worden. Wakker worden dus.

 Here's a video of Ben Davidson I wanted to share because it is about our food and what governments and businesses are doing to it. It is about getting less minerals and vitamin in our food, which causes our body to get too many carbohydrates, which means that we are becoming increasingly thicker and thicker. So wake up.

Here is another video from Ben Davidson interviewing  Dr.Seneff (MIT)
They talking about the poison that the assholes from Monsanto are making called glyphosate.
It is a poison to kill weeds but it is also used on vegetables and makes our body's very sick.
 Diseases such as autism, cancer, osteoporosis and obesity are caused by poor food and drinks.
If you have any diseases that doctors can not explain that you may look at what you are eating and drinking. Fast food, energy drinks, soda's, processed food, it is all very bad for your health so get nature food and drink clear water.

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