woensdag 28 juni 2017

Sometimes I have my doubts about humanity

Sometimes I have my doubts
I have my doubts about humanity
Humanity that should so evolved
But are we really?

Look at the way we are living
Look at the way we treating each other
Look at how we treat Mother Nature and this planet

We are destroying ourselves
We are destroying each other
We are destroying Mother Nature and this planet

We think we are the best since sliced bread
We think we may tinker with Mother Nature
We think we can plunder the earth unlimited

This all we do of course in the name of the economy
The economy is the new golden calf
We all should bow for this new golden calf

But there are more and more people who are sick of the way we are living
They see and feel the suffering we are doing to people and this planet
But if you speak up you will be trashed and ridiculed by the elite

They will say and do everything as long as they get their way
They will say you’re crazy and make your life miserable
Then you will know what it is, a hell on earth

But we should not let us be discouraged
We are with many and our numbers are growing day by day
So speak up and let your bosses, governments, family and friends know

Be for ones in your life the evolved species
Do not think of money or other materialistic things
Make a stand for you’re fellow human and the earth

Talk with each other on the streets, in bars or at home
Think what you can do to change this world
Please make a change for the future

There is so much to be done
There are wars to stop; there are countries to build up
There are tears to dry and fields to be sown

There are elderly to be taken care of and mouths of children to be fed
There are forests to be restored
And Oceans to be cleaned

There are family, friends and neighbours to be loved
There is nature to enjoy
And the Universe to thank for all that is.

* You may NOT copy this writing.
It is owned by Peter Barkum © ® 28-06-2017

1 opmerking:

  1. Ja ook ik heb twijfels over de manier waarop we leven. Maar alles wordt door de overheid bepaalt en gereguleerd. Het is moeilijk om je los te maken en zelf op levenspad te gaan. Terwijl toch een betere wereld begint bij jezelf.