donderdag 8 juni 2017

Weekly Pele Report - Astrology for the Soul 07-06-2017

Yes indeed, the answers lie very deep, very shallow, very near and very far, they are all over the place! And, as soon as you get one it begs another question. This is Gemini-land, who? what? where? when? why? how? Wow! Yeah! Tell me more! And that makes me think of........... Oh, the connections! It's all beginning to make sense! This leads to that leads to that and whalla! We're there!

Ya gotta love it! Life is one big journey and this full Moon in Sag is on the great quest to figure it all out. Now the subject of all that figuring most probably has it's roots in the past as Mars in Cancer will be reminding us for awhile coming up here. And the questions may well be around Connection, Emotional Connection that is, and just how get it, enjoy it, and keep it (while not ceasing the never ending quest for the meaning of life!). Maybe emotional connection gives meaning to life?! The beat goes on.......


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik begin het leven ook steeds meer als een reis te beschouwen. Dat maakt het mooi en een stuk minder zwaar. Toch hoop ik ooit te weten te komen waarom ik hier ben.

  2. Die vraag hou mij en hele volksstammen ook bezig. Het beste is om niet meer te zoeken en gewoon te genieten van iedere dag die je nog hebt. Voor je het weet is het afgelopen.