zondag 4 juni 2017

Why can’t we be ONE?

Another terrorist attack in London, the third this year.
And I’m wondering?
Why does the world do nothing?
Why does the world not say in one voice, enough is enough?
This madness has to stop!!

O yes prime minister May will say it was a cowardly act.
And she will share her sympathy with the relatives of the victims.
And she will say, this will not stand, Great-Britain will not bow to these terrorist.
But after that, life will go on like it always has.
There will be elections Thursday.

Why can’t we stand together and make an end to this madness?
People killing people because they believe something else.
People killing people because they want to live their lives in freedom.
Not bothered by religion or political dogmas.
Why can’t we be ONE Europe, one with Asia, one with Africa, the America’s and Australia?

Let’s make an end to this madness.
Let’s join hands and minds.
Not by trusting politics.
But by sending Love to all who need it.
Like Buddha said; In this world hatred is never ended by hatred,
But by love; This is an eternal truth
Conquer anger by love, overcome evil with good.

Peter Barkum © ® 04-06-2017
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