vrijdag 7 juli 2017

Weekly Pele Report - Astrology for the Soul 05-07-2017

Yup, we might all be feeling or witnessing the crushing power of a behemoth, patriarchal, outmoded system....... now and this weekend in particular. It may get your gander up! Thing is that we may all simmer for a couple more weeks until the Sun/Mars bursts out into Leo around the 23rd. But for now, it can be irritating, emotionally upsetting, and lead us toward comfort food, drink, sex, or other activities that when overdone can drain us too..... Time to just howl at the Moon all weekend perhaps?

However, rather than just saying "The hell with it" and going for a beer, a more useful response could be to become even more determined and focused upon developing that special gift each of us has, finding creative ways to market it successfully (perhaps new business partners?), and BEAT THE SYSTEM! AAAAHHHHH YESSSS! Go for it!

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